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If you’ve learnt anything throughout 2020 it is that you are not in as much control of your life as you probably thought you were. That’s scary and I’m sure, many of you, like me, have experienced that sense of lessened control.

One area I have seen hundreds of people give up control uncessarily is their career. They get trapped in the culture of a workplace, believe they are not good enough to get a promotion and get overly comfortable in the notion that they are doing all right.

Then COVID comes along and they get furloughed which meant they…

Consistency is the key to getting more words on paper

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I had been sat on the first draft on my novel for years. Four in fact. I started this Novel in 2016. I had been writing another Novel but determined it was later on in this series and I didn’t have the writing skill to pull it through.

So I’ve been sat on two-first draft novels since 2012.

It was painful for me. I imagine many of you have attempted to write novels and then have taken a break from the writing…

Then, four years later you start to get…

No, I’m not going to talk about Grammarly

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Creating content takes time, commitment, patience, analysis and a constant drive to create more. It’s time-consuming, to say the least. I personally create content for myself, for my business and for my professional personal brand.

I’ve got a lot to think about across a lot of platforms.

I’m also attempting to write my first novel and then get it published.

I was looking for tools to aid my content creation. I needed tools to maintain focus, make it easy and to spread my message as far as possible. Here are my four suggestions to improve your content creation workflow.



Eradicating Decision Fatigue

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Simplification is a term I like to use that you need to know about. It could make you far happier, less stressed and simplify your workflow.

I’m seeking out ways to make my life better. I realised that I had a lot going on between being:

  • A father of two
  • A Fiance
  • A Pug owner (she’s a Diva)
  • A business owner
  • Podcast host
  • An aspiring novelist
  • A YouTuber (I use this term loosely)

All of this builds up especially when trying to eat healthy, exercise, and feel good both physically and mentally.

You get that. You’ve got a lot going…

You do not need to fail to learn but it can help

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I established a Beard Care Grooming Company sometime in 2017. I struggle to remember when exactly but I tested some products, made a few sales and decided to go bigger.

I was inspired by brands such as Beardbrand in the US and Mariner Jack/Brighton Beard Co in the UK. I thought I could do what they were doing.

In February 2018 I launched a new range of products and by late September I tapped out. I had had enough of it all.

I failed. I sucked. I had messed it up and it killed my interest.

I’m being melodramatic in…

YouTube has changed it’s mid-roll ad requirements

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When YouTube made the video length requirement for mid-roll ads ten minutes in length the platform was flooded with videos that did just that.

They were everywhere — 10:01 video length was common.

It’s a well known tactic that by making a ten minute video and keeping people engaged alongside the use of mid-roll ads can bring in a decent amount of Adsense money.

The changes

The first change is the video length time.

Your videos only need to be eight minutes long. Perhaps YouTube have seen that our attention spans have decreased with the…

The full proof plan that may not work

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Like everyone reading this I want to become an author. It’s been career goals since I was a kid. I’ve always made stories but I never used to write them down. Instead, I’d find myself creating stories as I slammed my power ranger figures into one another. It might have been a blacksmith’s forge that was under attack as the blacksmith crafted a new legendary weapon or the story may have involved an illegal combat competition held in dingy buildings accessed via alleyways.

In 2013 I started writing a Fantasy Novel. Fantasy and Sci-Fi are my absolute loves. They always…


Why you should not accept all of the New Normal

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You’ve probably heard the phrase “the new normal” more than Gen Z’s referring to everyone over the age of 25 as a boomer. If you haven’t, you’ve probably been living in a hut in the middle of the woods like the guy on twitter. I cannot find the reference so you’ll have to take my word on it.

Seriously. This guy came back to the world after living in isolation for a few months asking what he had missed in a tweet.

A lot.

The New Normal is a paradox of words. The new way in which the world is…


How the Dragons’ missed the investment of a lifetime with Brewdog

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It was 2008 and the world was in despair with a global recession that brought down some of the largest corporate empires.

But in the midst of this, two mates and a dog were having the time of their lives brewing craft beer and dreaming of a new world. I can imagine back then that they would have likely have been considered a couple of hipsters who were not destined to succeed in what was becoming a busy marketplace.

Craft Beer has probably crossed paths with you at some points.

As I’ve enjoyed a beer in the pub with friends…


Yes, I’m aware of the slight irony here

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Every day I click on Medium and I’m instantly bombarded with the same type of content on this Platform.

You know the type of content.

It might be one of the following:

  • How to build an audience on Medium
  • How to get more followers on Medium
  • How to write articles that people will read on Medium
  • How to become a top writer on Medium

I’ve read a fair few of these out of interest. Yes, more irony here, right?

They don’t take me long to read. Maybe 30 seconds with a skim…

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